Bishop’s Challenge

Welcoming the Stranger

"As a church called to welcome the stranger, and as the North Carolina Synod, we are asking you to help us care for and welcome refugee families."

—Bishop Tim Smith, NC Synod

The Challenge

Our goal is 70% of the synod's 197 congregations (138 congregations) will actively engage in resettlement over the next 18 months.




A key partner for us in this work is Lutheran Services Carolinas (LSC).

  • Lutheran Services Carolinas (LSC) current resettlement offices: Raleigh and Asheville
  • LSC future resettlement offices: Salisbury and Wilmington
  • 164 congregations fall within the 100-mile coverage radius of LSC offices.
  • Congregations that fall outside LSC's coverage radius can partner with a congregation that does or connect with a partner like Church World Service.


Refugees Resettled
by LSC Since 1980


Afghan Refugees Resettled
by LSC in 2021


Ukrainian Refugees to be Resettled by LSC in 2022-2023

What Can We Do?

You are invited into a conversation with Bishop Tim Smith, Ted Goins, and the leaders in Refugee Resettlement. During this call, you will learn more about Circles of Welcome, an LSC program that readies you to welcome new families and gives you clear ideas about the ways your church can partner.

Upcoming Meetings:
Wednesday, July 20 at 7 p.m.
Wednesday, August 17 at 3 p.m.

Register Today!

Play a pivotal role in a family’s ‘long welcome’ with the support of LSC and the NC Synod Immigration & Refugee Team. Micro-grants are available to congregations beginning new Circles of Welcome.

Provide gift cards for families and/or needs like food, transportation, furniture donations, etc.

Consider using your parsonage—or any congregation-owned housing—for refugee families. LSC will provide a rental stipend for these properties.

Make an appeal in your congregation to raise funds to specifically support Refugee Resettlement.

Learn more about Be the Light.

Bishop’s Challenge (1200 × 1200 px)

Share Your Progress

Please email Carissa Abraham at with the name and contact of the team leader. Include a description of your resettlement work.

Communications Resources

Digital, print, and social media resources are available for congregational use.

This work on the synod level is supported by our Immigration & Refugee Team led by staff member Carissa Abraham.

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