Cedar Grove Offers Holy Week Live

These drive-through stories of Jesus are a ministry to the community—free and open to all.

May 1, 2023 |

Image credits: Cedar Grove, Vale

Cedar Grove Lutheran Church in Vale, NC has hosted drive-through Nativity and Passion story events for three years now, bringing Jesus’ story to life for the community in an easily accessible way. The concept of a drive-through event began at Christmas in the first year of COVID-19 as an observance of Christ’s birth. What would have been an indoor play took some notes from other congregations’ live nativity scenes, and became an outdoor story instead. They created sets and used both on-hand and newly-crafted costumes, and set up a number of scenes around the drive and perimeter of their campus. As cars entered, they were greeted and directed to follow a line of travel through scenes telling the story of Jesus’ birth or Jesus’ Passion, death, and resurrection. Church members dressed to convey each scene sometimes adding movement, dialog, or simply being still. Cedar Grove considers this a ministry to the community—free and open to all. It was held this year for two hours on Palm Sunday afternoon.

Check out their photo gallery below!

Story Attribution:

Loretta Beam, Cedar Grove member


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