Calling a Pastor/Deacon

Find materials and information regarding the NC Synod call process.

Many consider the call process the most important activity in which a synod engages.

The call process is the way that the ELCA’s 65 synodical bishops engage their congregations, church-related organizations, rostered ministers, and candidates for rostered ministry in a time of thoughtful assessment and prayerful discernment about their work together in ministry and mission.

Bishop Tim assembly podium

Bishop Tim Smith

on the process of calling a rostered minister

Call process is one of the primary reasons synods exist. While our process seems a bit daunting with four booklets and 130+ pages, it’s really not that complicated if you follow the instructions. We’re glad to have lowered the average call process length from 17 to 11 months compared to five years ago. Sure, there’s a lot of humanity involved on the part of candidates, congregations, and synod staff, but we firmly believe that the Holy Spirit guides this process!

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Call Process Resources

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Women in Ministry

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