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Gifts to ELCA World Hunger are at work in Madhya Pradesh, India, to fight hunger and poverty with solutions including education, free nutritious meals and health care. India is one of more than 60 countries where ELCA World Hunger is at work.

NC Synod surpasses fundraising challenge for ELCA World Hunger

What started as a conversation led to multiplying generosity among members of the North Carolina Synod.

In February 2017, a North Carolina donor who asked to remain anonymous made a $50,000 donation to ELCA World Hunger, a ministry of the ELCA which works in more than 60 countries around the world on solutions to end hunger and poverty.

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Why should we Lutherans care?

Why should we Lutherans care about the U.S. Virgin Islands? A challenge from Prince of Peace, Greensboro. Most importantly, we Lutherans should care about the Virgin Islands (the three-island territories’ capital is on St. Thomas known as “Charlotte Amaile,” St. Croix and St. John’s) because these residents are people of God who are suffering in immeasurable ways due to recent storms. Secondarily, an overwhelming number of indigenous residents of the Virgin Islands have Lutheran roots dating back to the 1600’s. (more…)

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Credo for Advent image

Credo for Advent

Credo. Latin for “I believe.” We all believe in something. We all have that pebble tossed into the pond of our life, a center, from which all of our values and convictions and actions emanate. Scientific method. Logic. Trickle-down economics. Karma. God. That something, that center, is what or in what we believe. (more…)

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