“We didn’t focus on debt or budgets or guilt”

Imagine being called as an associate pastor to a thriving, suburban congregation with a thousand members, an average worship attendance of 300; a congregation with a passion for serving the community and plenty of staff and resources. Then, imagine being called as a solo pastor to that same congregation some thirty years later. (more…)

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Rembering Pastor Miller

In this month when we lift up the contributions of African-Americans, we remember the Rev. Earlean Miller who, in 1979, became the first African-American woman ordained a pastor in all of Lutheranism in North America, according to the ELCA. Her first call was Prince of Peace, Greensboro, in the NC Synod where she served from 1979-1984. She and the congregation of Prince of Peace have nurtured other women of color to ordained ministry in our synod: Pastor Beverly Wallace, Pastor Brenda Bynum, and Pastor CeCee Mills. Thanks be to God for Pastor Earlean Miller. We are blessed to be a part of history / herstory! (more…)

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Grant us Gratitude

I’ve worked with more than one congregational treasurer in parishes I’ve served who insisted on publicizing in every bulletin and newsletter how far behind the budget we were. But whenever we edged ahead in income vs. budget or expenses, they would insist that we mustn’t let people know. They assumed people are motivated mainly by scarcity. I still think those treasurers were wrong. People give because they believe in the mission our giving supports. (more…)

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