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A safe haven for women

At the Mary and Martha Center for Women and Community Care in Albemarle, women are offered hospitality—a welcome of kindness and compassion into an inviting safe haven that no one is afraid to enter. The main offerings are counseling and an ever-evolving referral system. The center partners with Stanly Community Christian Ministries, Homes of Hope, OASIS, Community Care Clinic, Esther House, The Pregnancy Resource Center, and Carolinas Healthcare System to help women and their families in a difficult life situations or distress. They make sure their clients find the resources they so desperately need, walking with them through the process and extending the courtesy of a sympathetic shoulder and a hand to hold while we get them where they need to be. They hope that not one woman they serve ever feels alone. (more…)

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Bring all voices to the table

A young single woman is recently divorced and has been kicked out of her husband’s community, the boundary in Cherokee, N.C. She has no home, no job, and no food for herself and her son. She turns to the local food pantry that happens to be at Living Waters Lutheran Church, one of seven mission congregations in the NC Synod. At the food pantry this young woman meets Lisa Russell who runs the food pantry. Like a mother hen, Lisa gathers the young woman under her wings and the woman becomes a part of that community…first at the food pantry to get food, then at a women’s group at Living Waters, and finally for worship. She now serves as the church treasurer. (more…)

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Bishop Smith offers report

Bishop Tim Smith began his remarks to the gathered assembly on Friday afternoon with an expression of thanksgiving and personal privilege. “A lot has changed personally in the last three years. I went from having no grandbabies and a momma and a dad to having three grandbabies and no mom and dad. I want to say thank you to you on a personal level. I certainly felt—and feel—a lot of support for the crazy work of grief…I have had the privilege of being with you all and a lot of people sharing different things that they’ve been through and I really appreciate y’all sharing so much with us.”


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