“I believe that I am a better pastor…”

Pastors Mary and Tim Canniff-Kuhn concluded their final summer as program directors at Lutheridge in 2019. For 25 summers, they nurtured, trained, and equipped an entire generation of summer staff with skills that have changed the church, our synod, and the world well beyond the boundaries of camp. “I believe that I am a better pastor for having spent summers under their leadership and guidance,” says Lauren Carlson, pictured above as a counselor and now serving as pastor at Calvary, Morganton. (more…)

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St. Mark’s wins “Do Good” award

On December 12,2019 at the Wells Fargo Atrium, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church of Charlotte was presented the “Most Generous Financial
Gift” award by Share Charlotte, Wells Fargo, and the Charlotte Business Journal for their support of Running Works, a nonprofit organization that provides life skills training and housing to homeless people. The award is based on a total gift of $17,883 given by St. Mark’s and the Social Ministry Committee with the approval of St. Mark’s Congregation Council. (more…)

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On turning 60

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you. –Anne Lamott

Early in the morning of January 20, 2020 I will begin my seventh decade. While even as recently as 20 years ago that would have seemed ancient to me, I get that by today’s standards—especially in the church—that’s not such a big deal. Maybe what’s eating at me is that for about 10 weeks Sandra Cline and I will both be “in our 60s.” (more…)

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