A time for the Gospel in action

‘If there was ever a time for the Gospel in action, this is it.’

McDougald Terrace is the city of Durham’s largest public housing complex with 360 apartments built in 1953. In early January, the Durham Housing Authority began an immediate emergency relocation of families living there following a number of carbon monoxide poisonings in December. Inspections revealed dangerously high carbon monoxide levels from gas stoves, furnaces, and water heaters. For almost six weeks now, about 280 families—including almost 500 children—have been living in 12 hotels across Durham County. (more…)

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Niner United groups serve, grow

Puerto Rico Mission

Fifty-one students from UNC Charlotte’s Lutheran campus ministry, Niner United, traveled to Puerto Rico in March 2019 to help with rebuilding efforts from Hurricane Maria. While we were there, we focused on the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of the communities we partnered with. The students served, grew in the faith, and built on their leadership capacities. (more…)

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Oil and a blessing

Greetings, partners in ministry across the North Carolina Synod! Since Bishop Tim Smith is currently on part one of his sabbatical, I have the opportunity as the acting bishop to share this month’s reflection.

Chrism Mass with Affirmation of Vows. What is it and why are we doing it in the North Carolina Synod? Chrism refers to the oil used for healing, baptism, confirmation, and commendation of the dying. Mass is an old word for worship. The roots of Chrism Mass are in the ancient Roman church when priests would gather on Maundy Thursday to receive the oils that had been blessed to anoint the catechumens before their baptism and on the newly baptized after their baptism. To this was added the oil for the anointing of the sick. This Mass was celebrated on Maundy Thursday so that the oils would be ready for use in the rites of Christian initiation at the Easter Vigil. (more…)

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