Michael Peeler/Virginia Casey Funds

"...for the advancement of the Kingdom of God..." & "...to glorify God and promote the work of the Church..."

Portraits of Michael Peeler and Virginia Casey

Michael Peeler/Virginia Casey Funds

The Michael Peeler Fund was established in 1955 under the will of Michael Peeler, a Salisbury businessman and member of St. John’s, Salisbury. The income gifted to the North Carolina Synod was “to be used by the synod each year wherever it is needed most for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.”

The Virginia Casey Fund, established in 2007, was a gift from the trust of Virginia W. Casey, member of Gloria Dei, Salisbury. She served as secretary to former bishops Whittecar and Misenheimer. Mrs. Casey asked that the gift to the synod “be used to glorify God and promote the work of the Church,” with an emphasis on identifying and equipping leaders; and reaching out to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a changing world.

New Application Deadline: April 30, 2024

For many years the Michael Peeler/Virginia Casey Funds have blessed our synod, rostered ministers, congregations, and agencies and institutions. This year's application deadline is Tuesday, April 30, 2024. This means that funds for grants awarded will be able to be dispersed following the June 2023 Synod Council meeting. Questions? Contact committee chair, Pastor Jennifer Shimota or Michael DeNise at the synod office.

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