Leadership Coaching

Feeling stuck? Unsure how to make the next best move?

Confused about what you really want to do and how to get it done?

The coaching ministry of the NC Synod of the ELCA works with individuals, teams, councils, and cohorts of leaders to help move the needle when things feel stuck, confusing, or disjointed.

How might a coach work with you?

Vocational Discernment
Feeling a call to ministry or to make a change within a ministry?  Working with a coach can help you clarify your feelings, listen deeply to your heart’s longing, and take action on a way forward using what you’ve learned to make a shift.

Council and Board Facilitation
Is your Congregation Council experiencing conflict or unsure about the next faithful ministry step? Utilizing group facilitation, non-anxious presence, and honest feedback, a coach can help people come together to hear how God is calling them to move and be in this world.

Pastoral Transition or Congregational Crisis
Is your community going through a pastoral transition or preparing for one? Perhaps you’ve experienced a congregational upheaval and need some help walking through the next phase for your community. Thinking through the logical steps and taking stock of the emotional climate of the community with a coach can help to ease tensions, provide some clarity, and show proactive leadership in the face of transition.

Ministry Tune-Up
Are you feeling the need to see your current ministry situation with new eyes?  Perhaps the Council feels stuck in ways that are no longer effective and need some help thinking themselves into new paradigms. Walking with a coach can help to freshen up ministry perspectives and procedures, encouraging resurrection and renewal in real time.

Coaching focuses clearly on three things: growth, change, and results. 

Pastor Charlie Zimmerman explains more about ELCA Coaching.

In this video from the MetroDC Coaches, Presiding Bishop Eaton shares her testimony on why coaching matters and talks about her experience with coaching!


NC Synod Coaching Ministry Team

Heidi Kleine

Coaching Coordinator; ELCA Certified Coach; ICF PCC   Contact Heidi

Pastor Tim Brown

ELCA Certified Coach; ICF PCC   Contact Pastor Tim

Pastor Charlie Zimmerman

ELCA Certified Coach; ICF PCC   Contact Pastor Charlie

Pastor Jennifer Ginn

ELCA Certified Coach  Contact Pastor Jennifer

The NC Synod Coaching Ministry Team is a leadership team that provides ongoing support to coaching ministry across the synod. Our focus is to GATHER information about coaches and those seeking to be coached, CONNECT those who are seeking a coach with those who are trained in this field, SUPPORT coaches who are working with leaders in the synod, and CREATE training opportunities for those interested in being coaches.

Stories of Coaching

Why Use a Coach: Vitality is Difficult Work!

Changing course in ministry takes time and intention. When a new pastor is called, everyone needs to adjust to the new phase in the church’s life, and this is never easy. Perhaps you’re called as a new pastor in your ministry setting, and you need someone to walk with you. Maybe you’re not officially called […]
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Why Use a Coach: To Navigate Through Church Conflict

All churches have conflict at some time or another, but navigating a path through difficult personalities and competing interests can be tricky. A coach can help you listen to yourself, ask you powerful questions to clarify your instincts, and empower you to work your way through it. Pr. Greg Williams found coaching to do just […]
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Why Use a Coach: Habit Change

We all have professional habits that we’d like to change. Perhaps there’s a spiritual discipline we want to explore but need help finding the time and encouragement. Or maybe you’d like more balance in your ministry work life. A coach can help you discern your desires, make a plan, and keep you accountable. Pr. Ann […]
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Why Use a Coach: Connection

Ever feel disconnected from leaders in the Body of Christ?  Ever feel siloed in your ministry, without a safe place to bounce ideas around?  It’s not like you need advice as much as you just need a safe sounding board, someone to help you hear yourself think. You’re not alone in feeling this way, even […]
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Why Use a Coach: Build Vision

Why Churches Use Coaches to Propel Ministry Forward Getting a group of people on the same page is no easy task.  Visionary, mission-oriented meetings are difficult to run, and keeping the main thing the “main thing” can be exhausting, especially if you’re a stakeholder. Because it can be a daunting prospect, congregations involved in development, […]
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Why Use a Coach: Accountability

Why Ministry Leaders Use Coaches to Keep Them Accountable and Focused You’re leading a congregation, but you’re also a leader in the Synod.  Or, perhaps you’re called as a pastor, but there’s no congregation to lead, and you’re building it from, what feels like, scratch.  Or maybe you’re in the middle of your first call […]
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Charlie Zimmerman

What is Coaching?

Coaching in the ELCA is about serving Christ and Christ’s mission in the world. Check out this introduction to the two-day ELCA Coach Launch Training Event. It’s a good overview of coaching in the ELCA.
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Amy Daniels

I am always amazed…

I look forward to my coaching time each month.  I am always amazed at the clarity and guidance that this hour gives to my ministry.  God’s Spirit permeates the space and God gives clarity and wisdom and guidance to me through the process.  Having this time set apart guarantees that I spend some time re-centering […]
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Pastor Greg Williams

He listens deeply…

I’ve engaged a coach for a couple of years now. He listens deeply, asks powerful questions, and helps me shape clear and realistic action plans that are a tremendous help in successfully leading the congregation that I serve. —Pastor Greg Williams, Grace, Hendersonville
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