Why Use a Coach: To Navigate Through Church Conflict

March 18, 2019 |

All churches have conflict at some time or another, but navigating a path through difficult personalities and competing interests can be tricky. A coach can help you listen to yourself, ask you powerful questions to clarify your instincts, and empower you to work your way through it.

Pr. Greg Williams found coaching to do just that for him: Conflict made me feel like Moses leading the Israelites – sandwiched between the Egyptian army and the Red Sea – even though the water(conflict) didn’t part revealing an easy path, my coach helped me develop plans that enabled me to more confidently navigate the conflict. Thanks to my coach walking with me, I was able to learn, grow as a leader, and develop healthier church leadership on the other side of the conflict.

Are you drowning in a sea of conflict? Can you see it approaching? Find out if a coach can help you lead your people through it all. Learn more at NC Synod Coaching!

Tim Brown is the senior pastor at Good Shepherd, Raleigh, and a member of the NC Synod Coaching Taskforce. Pastor Tim has been a pastor and a writer for almost 10 years. You can find more of his written work and experience as a coach at write&coach.com.

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