Why Use a Coach: Accountability

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Why Ministry Leaders Use Coaches to Keep Them Accountable and Focused

You’re leading a congregation, but you’re also a leader in the Synod.  Or, perhaps you’re called as a pastor, but there’s no congregation to lead, and you’re building it from, what feels like, scratch.  Or maybe you’re in the middle of your first call and you already feel underwater.

Leading in the church can be difficult, and figuring out where to put your energy can be intimidating, especially when there are competing demands at hand.  In the North Carolina Synod, Conference Deans are utilizing coaches to help them stay accountable to the multiple hats they wear.  Mission Developers are using coaches to help them navigate the formal development process while also

Why Use a Coach: Build Vision

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Why Churches Use Coaches to Propel Ministry Forward

Getting a group of people on the same page is no easy task.  Visionary, mission-oriented meetings are difficult to run, and keeping the main thing the “main thing” can be exhausting, especially if you’re a stakeholder.

Because it can be a daunting prospect, congregations involved in development, Planting Hope initiatives, and the Growing Young process have chosen to utilize a coach to make sure that they don’t get stuck in the weeds of the changing ministry landscape.  Group coaching can be an effective way to help a council, team, or ministry committee coalesce around their common goal.

Interested in helping your team gel and get about the task at hand?  A coach can help you

Why Use a Coach: Connection

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Ever feel disconnected from leaders in the Body of Christ?  Ever feel siloed in your ministry, without a safe place to bounce ideas around?  It’s not like you need advice as much as you just need a safe sounding board, someone to help you hear yourself think.

You’re not alone in feeling this way, even if you feel alone.  Pr. Pam Northrup sees her coach as the safe place to help her hear herself and process out loud.  She notes, working with a coach through the NC Synod is such a blessing! My coach provides a safe space for me to think out loud with someone who is actually listening. In this relationship I can voice my concerns and questions, which

Why Use a Coach: Vitality is Difficult Work!

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Changing course in ministry takes time and intention. When a new pastor is called, everyone needs to adjust to the new phase in the church’s life, and this is never easy. Perhaps you’re called as a new pastor in your ministry setting, and you need someone to walk with you. Maybe you’re not officially called as a redeveloper, but you look at your list of ministry tasks and you see that’s a lot of what you’re spending your time on: injecting vitality into ministry.

Pr. Jonathan Schnibben sees a coach as essential to keeping his call to inject vitality in perspective. He writes, “My coach came along side me as I’ve tried to lead this change. He listens to me, challenges

Why Use a Coach: To Navigate Through Church Conflict

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All churches have conflict at some time or another, but navigating a path through difficult personalities and competing interests can be tricky. A coach can help you listen to yourself, ask you powerful questions to clarify your instincts, and empower you to work your way through it.

Pr. Greg Williams found coaching to do just that for him: Conflict made me feel like Moses leading the Israelites – sandwiched between the Egyptian army and the Red Sea – even though the water(conflict) didn’t part revealing an easy path, my coach helped me develop plans that enabled me to more confidently navigate the conflict. Thanks to my coach walking with me, I was able to learn, grow as a leader, and develop

Why Use a Coach: Habit Change

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We all have professional habits that we’d like to change. Perhaps there’s a spiritual discipline we want to explore but need help finding the time and encouragement. Or maybe you’d like more balance in your ministry work life. A coach can help you discern your desires, make a plan, and keep you accountable.

Pr. Ann Kelly found coaching to be a help in changing her unwanted work habits: Working with a ministry coach helps me develop my thoughts and actions to move forward in my life and ministry. My coach listens deeply and asks powerful questions that draw out my best ideas to form and implement my plans. This coaching relationship is a safe place for me to develop strategies for

He listens deeply…

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Pastor Greg WilliamsI’ve engaged a coach for a couple of years now. He listens deeply, asks powerful questions, and helps me shape clear and realistic action plans that are a tremendous help in successfully leading the congregation that I serve.

—Pastor Greg Williams, Grace, Hendersonville

I am always amazed…

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Amy DanielsI look forward to my coaching time each month.  I am always amazed at the clarity and guidance that this hour gives to my ministry.  God’s Spirit permeates the space and God gives clarity and wisdom and guidance to me through the process.  Having this time set apart guarantees that I spend some time re-centering and dealing with the most important things on my ministry agenda.  It helps me to focus on what needs my true attention.

—Amy Daniels, Deacon, Christ-Providence, Charlotte