Why Use a Coach: Vitality is Difficult Work!

March 18, 2019 | ,

Changing course in ministry takes time and intention. When a new pastor is called, everyone needs to adjust to the new phase in the church’s life, and this is never easy. Perhaps you’re called as a new pastor in your ministry setting, and you need someone to walk with you. Maybe you’re not officially called as a redeveloper, but you look at your list of ministry tasks and you see that’s a lot of what you’re spending your time on: injecting vitality into ministry.

Pr. Jonathan Schnibben sees a coach as essential to keeping his call to inject vitality in perspective. He writes, “My coach came along side me as I’ve tried to lead this change. He listens to me, challenges me, and supports me. I would feel far more isolated without his support and can say we are stronger now as we journey this road with his willingness to journey with us.”

Are you leading change alone? You don’t have to! Find out if a coach can help support you in your call. Learn more at NC Synod Coaching!

Tim Brown is the senior pastor at Good Shepherd, Raleigh, and a member of the NC Synod Coaching Taskforce. Pastor Tim has been a pastor and a writer for almost 10 years. You can find more of his written work and experience as a coach at write&coach.com.

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