Why Use a Coach: Accountability

April 23, 2019 |

Why Ministry Leaders Use Coaches to Keep Them Accountable and Focused

You’re leading a congregation, but you’re also a leader in the Synod.  Or, perhaps you’re called as a pastor, but there’s no congregation to lead, and you’re building it from, what feels like, scratch.  Or maybe you’re in the middle of your first call and you already feel underwater.

Leading in the church can be difficult, and figuring out where to put your energy can be intimidating, especially when there are competing demands at hand.  In the North Carolina Synod, Conference Deans are utilizing coaches to help them stay accountable to the multiple hats they wear.  Mission Developers are using coaches to help them navigate the formal development process while also keeping that evangelistic edge.  First-call pastors use coaches to help them think out loud about first-time issues that arise with leading congregations directly after seminary.

Being a leader can feel intimidating, but there’s no need to tackle the journey alone.  A coach can help you stay accountable to what God is calling you to do, provide an avenue for you to best hear yourself in the midst of all the other competing voices, and take that next action step in your ministry. Learn more at NC Synod Coaching!

Tim Brown is the senior pastor at Good Shepherd, Raleigh, and a member of the NC Synod Coaching Taskforce. Pastor Tim has been a pastor and a writer for almost 10 years. You can find more of his written work and experience as a coach at write&coach.com.

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