Calvary Gives Christmas Gifts

Don't know what we would do without you!!!!!

January 8, 2024 |

Photo credit: Calvary, Morganton

Lutheran Services Carolinas, Asheville, cares for a community of well over 300 Ukrainian families who have recently found refuge in this country. Thanks to a generous grant from the Deutschle Endowment, Calvary, Morganton, purchased over a hundred Christmas gifts for these families. It is pure joy to share in the welcoming, all-embracing, and eternally abundant love of God revealed in the life-giving story of Emmanuel—God with us! Here’s what one LSC staff member had to say about the impact Calvary made this Christmas:

“…[A father and his family] stopped by yesterday afternoon and his young daughter picked up her gift. I wish you could have seen her face; she was ecstatic (she got the Lego castle kit). She asked her mom if she could hug me, it was adorable, it really made my day.  So, thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful efforts and commitment to making this “making your dreams come true” event a reality.  Don’t know what we would do without you!!!!!” —Tracy Walters, LSC Asheville

Read the LSC thank-you letter with more quotes from refugee families.

Calvary, Morganton, is one of more than 80 congregations in this synod that have answered the bishop’s challenge to engage in the work of welcome. Would your congregation like to join them? The ways to contribute range from holding a campaign to assembling welcome kits to hosting a family. Questions? Contact Pastor Michael Dickson.

Story Attribution:

Pastor Paul Carlson of Calvary, Morganton


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