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Peeler-Casey Fund Stories actually tell stories of ministry. Here are some of the many ways these funds have been used. How might your congregation or community use Peeler-Casey Funds? Application deadline is June 30. Read the guidelines and apply today.

Showing the love of Christ

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Showing the love of Christ

Lori Failla, member of Our Father, Greensboro, knew she wanted to find an outreach where she shared food and fellowship with people. Failla retired to NC from Columbus, OH with her husband in 2016 and the congregation’s feeding ministries called to both of them. The couple shares their time weekly at Our Father’s Thursday Morning Breakfast program at Greensboro Urban Ministry (GUM).

Sharing God’s free gift of grace

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Sharing God’s free gift of grace

Ascension Lutheran Church in Wilson held its second annual Oktoberfest Celebration on October 13, 2018, which turned out to be a beautiful day weather-wise, making for a wonderful event. The first Oktoberfest was done as part of the 500th Reformation Anniversary Churchwide Celebration and was so well received we decided to do it again. Both were given as a gift to the community—no admission charges, no fees for food or any of the activities—only asking donations for the beer served in our BierGarten; donations which were turned over to Veterans Residential Services of Wilson.

Food for Thought feeds children

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Food for Thought feeds Children

Jamie recalls a very bleak day when all she had to feed her children was ramen noodles.

Like many low-income parents in Rowan County, she was having trouble making ends meet on job and child support income of just over $1,000 a month. When she learned about the Food for Thought program at her daughter’s school, she enrolled her immediately.

Food for Thought, a program of Rowan Helping Ministries, provides weekend food bags for students in Rowan-Salisbury Schools who don’t get enough food to eat on weekends.

Kure Memorial’s Sunday Lunch

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Kure Memorial’s Sunday Lunch

Sunday Lunch. It’s the meal of the week that is a bit special. For some of us, it was the big meal after church; a time to gather without other activities imposing on the time together. However, for hungry folks in Carolina Beach, Sunday means no other area food kitchens/providers are serving.

Niner United groups serve, grow

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Niner United groups serve, grow

Puerto Rico Mission

Fifty-one students from UNC Charlotte’s Lutheran campus ministry, Niner United, traveled to Puerto Rico in March 2019 to help with rebuilding efforts from Hurricane Maria. While we were there, we focused on the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of the communities we partnered with. The students served, grew in the faith, and built on their leadership capacities.

Garden beds and partnerships

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Garden beds and partnerships

Saint Peter’s in Salisbury began a garden ministry in 2015. The congregation sits on about 13 acres of land. There are many people in the congregation who have a good knowledge of farming and gardening. We also understand that part of God’s mission is that the hungry be fed, so it seemed to be a natural fit. The garden produced 108 lbs. the first year. Each year it has increased to the point that last year it produced around 630 lbs. of produce.

Stephen Ministry a great success

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Stephen Ministry a great success

In June of 2017, Bethany, Hickory, submitted a Peeler/Casey grant for the purpose of developing a Stephen Ministry for the congregation. The Stephen Ministry would better equip Bethany members to offer care to their own members who are “struggling through a difficult time in life—experiencing grief, divorce, job loss, chronic or terminal illness, or some other life crisis.”

Beds and cots for “The Lodge”

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Beds and cots for “The Lodge”

In 2017, a Peeler/Casey Grant was awarded to the Fayetteville Area Operation Inasmuch to help purchase forty beds for a men’s transitional housing program, “The Lodge,” and to purchase twenty cots for an emergency shelter that operates when temperatures fall below freezing or when there’s a natural disaster.

A safe haven for women

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A safe haven for women

At the Mary and Martha Center for Women and Community Care in Albemarle, women are offered hospitality—a welcome of kindness and compassion into an inviting safe haven that no one is afraid to enter. The main offerings are counseling and an ever-evolving referral system. The center partners with Stanly Community Christian Ministries, Homes of Hope, OASIS, Community Care Clinic, Esther House, The Pregnancy Resource Center, and Carolinas Healthcare System to help women and their families in a difficult life situations or distress. They make sure their clients find the resources they so desperately need, walking with them through the process and extending the courtesy of a

Relief for the hungry

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Relief for the hungry

Esther’s Heart is a non-profit ministry in Concord committed to serving God and the needs of others through character empowerment, support, encouragement, motivation and hunger relief. Thanks to a grant from the synod’s Peeler/Casey Funds, Esther’s Heart was able to fill backpacks to go home with hungry children for a month of weekends.

Isabelle Grace

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                                                   Merle, Rochelle, & Isabelle

Isabelle Grace

Merle and Rochelle grew up together in a different state, but their love story didn’t start until Rochelle moved to North Carolina with her family when she was a young adult. When Merle and his father traveled to North Carolina for work, Rochelle’s father invited them over for a visit. Merle and Rochelle began dating a few months later and married in 2010.

It takes a village

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Mountain Neighbors Network offers a ride to seniors

How will you get to doctor’s appointments when you aren’t able to drive? Should you really be climbing a ladder to change the burned-out light bulb in your ceiling fan? Who will lift the groceries out of your car after your shopping trip? Often, just a little help from friends makes the difference between being able to live independently and having to move away from one’s home and friends.

What is God calling you to do?

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people boxing up supplies

We are getting excited to hear from you! The Peeler/Casey Committee of the synod is excited to find out what ministries God is calling you and your congregation to accomplish. This is your opportunity to dream big and begin ministries through your congregation for which funds might not be available. Ministry to the homeless? the hungry? the youth or elderly? Write a grant proposal and you might be funded to begin a ministry that makes a difference in the kingdom of God. You may fill out your application and submit online or on paper and return by mail. Applications are due June 30.

“In His Own Words”

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Bishop Leonard Bolick

“In His Own Words” is a documentary of Dr. Leonard H. Bolick’s eighteen plus years as bishop of the North Carolina Synod. The documentary is an edit of over three hours of oral history interviews conducted by the Rev. Dr. Mark Ericson of St. John’s, Concord.

Durham County Beer & Hymns

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Beer & Hymns bandDurham County Beer & Hymns offers an opportunity in for fellowship and singing in Durham and Orange Counties in NC. A grant received from the Michael Peeler/Virginia Casey Funds through the NC Synod has enabled Beer & Hymns to provide a consistent stipend to the only staff person who organizes the events, leads the band and communicates with the nonprofits who benefit from their tip jar monies.

Centro Latino afterschool

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group of Latino kidsIn the foothills of Western North Carolina, Centro Latino provides a Christian response to the needs of Latino members of the Catawba County community and seeks to bridge the cultural gap between Spanish and non-Spanish speaking members of our community.

Feeding hungry children

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Volunteers packing bags of food for KAP.

The ALMS HOUSE (Associated Local Ministries in Service Helping Others in Unfortunate Situations and Experiences) in Hope Mills was begun by a small group of pastors in 1984 as a non-profit ecumenical organization. The initial focus was to assist families with food, clothing and utility bills.

Building up the kingdom

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Holy Cross Lutheran in Mocksville had a plan to lift up a holy day of the church (Holy Cross Day, Sept. 14) and, at the same, make their congregation known to their community. This plan materialized with a grant from the MP/VC Funds and the publicity began.

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