Grace, Washington’s Goat Challenge

Our small but mighty congregation, Grace, Washington, began what we call the Goat Challenge last year. We are small – about 32 members regularly attending – but are concerned about hunger issues in our world. The goat challenge began as a way to help with hunger worldwide. Two of our members are goat owners and farmers. Goats are economical, take a small space on which to live and produce well. A goat can produce a gallon of milk daily—more than enough to help feed a hungry family.

So, the challenge began. As the pastor I made a small contribution and challenged others to participate. God took it from there and way more than expected was received. I believe we had enough for about 20 goats last year. This year we challenged our neighboring larger congregation to join us. I am happy to report this year we have received enough to buy a goat per congregation member 31 in total, I believe.

Our neighboring Lutheran church, Our Redeemer, Greenville, has raised $2000—enough to buy 40 goats. What a wonderful way to help our brothers and sisters around the world with their hunger. We have asked that he ELCA Good Gifts send them where they are most needed at this time. May the goats thrive and supply the needs of those who receive them in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.

Story submitted by Pastor Judy Tavela