pastors being recognized for their service

Celebrating anniversaries

Our much-anticipated celebration of anniversaries occurred on Saturday morning of assembly, just before lunch. Pastors with significant ministry anniversaries were celebrated and, for some, given certificates of recognition for their long-time ministry. Additionally, several congregations celebrated significant anniversaries in 2019.

Those celebrating 25 years in Gospel Ministry:
Pastor C. Lewis Murdock
Pastor C. Pierson Shaw, Jr.
Pastor Janice L. Murray
Pastor John B. Tucker

Those celebrating 35 years in the Gospel Ministry:
Pastor C. Lynn Bailey
Pastor Craig D. Salzer
Pastor David E. Ridenhour
Pastor John W. Mocko
Pastor Michael E. Collins
Pastor Paul G. Birkedal
Pastor Wendy R. Waugh
Pastor Mark A. Coulter

Those celebrating 50 years in the Gospel Ministry:
Pastor Donal R. Safrit
Pastor Gene W. Bruce
Pastor George L. Simmons
Pastor Gilmer C. Miller, Jr.
Pastor John F. Beeg
Pastor John R. Nagle
Pastor Kay E. Overcash
Pastor Thomas E. Ridenhour, Sr.
Pastor Tommy K. Beaver

Those celebrating 60 years in the Gospel Ministry:
Pastor Charles R. McManus
Pastor C. Henry Rendleman
Pastor Donald R. Deal
Pastor Douglas W. Johnson
Pastor James A. Harbinson, Sr.
Pastor Ted. E. Edwards
Pastor William J. McCabe

Those celebrating more than 60 years in ministry:
Pastor Robert G. Walker (65 yrs)
Deacon Richard Engebrecht (70 yrs)
Pastor Luther Knauff (73 years)
Pastor Glenn A. Yount, R. (75 yrs)

Congregations celebrating 50 years:
Advent, Charlotte
St. Andrew, Mt. Airy

Congregation celebrating 75 years:
Trinity, Sanford

Congregations celebrating 125 years:
Sharon, Gibsonville
St. Mark’s, China Grove

Congregations celebrating 150 years:
Holy Trinity, Mt. Pleasant
Macedonia, Burlington
St. Luke, Mt. Ulla

Congregation celebrating 200 years:
St. Martin, Concord

Congregations celebrating more than 225 years:
Zion, Hickory (229)
Beck’s, Lexington (232)
St. Luke’s, Lexington (232)
St. Mark’s, Cherryville (233)
Emmanuel, Lincolnton (234)
Cold Water, Concord (237)
Lutheran Chapel, China Grove (239)
Shiloh, Lewisville (242)
Morning Star, Matthews (244)
Daniels, Lincolnton (245)
Low’s, Liberty (248)
St. Paul, Burlington (249)
Philadelphia, Dallas (252)
Old St. Paul, Newton (264)
Pilgrim, Lexington (265)
St. John’s, Salisbury (272)
Friedens, Gibsonville (274)
St. John’s, Concord (274)

See additional photos of recognized pastors.

Pastors pictured being recognized for 50 years of Gospel Ministry: (l. to r.) Ridenhour, Bruce, Overcash, Simmons
Photo:  Ray Sipe–pastor, chaplain, and techno-geek.