NC Synod Launches Relief Fund

April 13, 2020 | ,


Synod Launches Relief Fund

The NC Synod Council has reallocated funds for the purpose of sharing with our congregations, rostered ministers, and agencies and institutions during this time of financial strain with priority given to keeping the rostered minister employed at the congregation at their full salary and benefits. The goal of these funds is to help congregations from a cash flow standpoint. Certainly, this Relief Fund will not solve every issue in every congregation, but the synod would like to be part of a solution to help keep congregation staffs in place and pay necessary bills during this time. This will be done through a grant application process.

Read the complete April 9 letter from Bishop Tim Smith and Vice President Diana Haywood.

Apply to the Relief Fund using the buttons below. Note that the guidelines for application are detailed in the April 9 letter AND are included at the top of each form once you click into it.

Update 11/15/2022: There are still funds available. Contact Michael DeNise with questions; use the buttons on the COVID-19 webpage to complete the application form.


Synod Staff

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