Reading Genesis Sparks Creativity

This year's Bible Reading Plan sparked beautiful, creative responses!

August 7, 2023 | ,

Genesis Generations, this summer’s Bible Reading Plan, featured something new for the first time! Readers could respond to readings and contemplation with a creative response. This year, two readers submitted their own visio divina of one of the daily devotions of Genesis Generations.

Pastor Rosemary Peek (Shepherd of the Hills, Sylva) shared her watercolor painting, “Seen—Genesis 16:13 ‘You are the God who sees me'” after connecting to the 9th reading, The God Who Won’t Let Go, (Genesis 16:1-15).

Peggy Poe (Amazing Grace, Granite Falls) shared her quilt, “God’s Amazing Grace” capturing images and stories from several of the readings. She also shared her thoughts:

This summer’s reading pushed me to look at the book of Genesis in a new way. Is it a historical document as I have always believed, or is it, as Pr. Alfredo noted, a story of faith? As I read each day, it became clear that it was indeed a story—a story filled with covenants, families, faith, and, perhaps most importantly, a deep and abiding love from God for us and from us for God. My quilt design starts with a large heart to reflect this love. Also included are: a rainbow representing God’s many covenants, a tree—not only representing the Tree of Life but also a family tree, and finally the Brazilian Fe or cross of faith (faith that God has in us that we are true believers and followers of Christ, and representative of our faith that God will indeed care and provide for us). The last element is a cross quilted across all the symbols, symbolic of redemption and salvation for man despite all the times we have fallen short.

Thank you, Rosemary and Peggy, for your faithful and beautiful creative responses!

If you missed this summer’s Bible reading plan, you can catch the podcasts or blog posts on the Engage the Bible page. Make plans now to join us for the summer 2024 continuation: Genesis Generations Two—and perhaps you’ll be inspired to share your own creation!

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