Congregations, Rostered Ministers Celebrated

Celebrating cennturies of ministry together.

June 6, 2023 |

Pictured: Pastor Keith Dey, Pastor Tony Bradshaw, and Pastor Michael Collins receive congratulations and certificates from Bishop Tim Smith and Vice President Diana Haywood. Credit: Todd Godwin, member of St. John’s, Salisbury, for the NC Synod

One of the treasured traditions of our time together at a synod assembly is the celebration of congregational anniversaries and rostered minister ordination anniversaries. Every assembly we look forward to celebrating the faithful ministries of congregations and leaders!

Rostered ministers (pastors and deacons) celebrating 25 years in the gospel ministry are:

The Reverend Charlene L. Limenih
The Reverend Jean M. Horman
The Reverend Jill King
The Reverend Laura M. Wind
The Reverend Lawrence F. Holmes
The Reverend Lisa C. Anderson
The Reverend Michael F. Riley

Rostered ministers (pastors and deacons) celebrating 35 years in the gospel ministry are:

The Reverend David W. Eck
The Reverend James D. Lockley
The Reverend Kenneth P. Lane, Jr.
The Reverend Mary L. Canniff-Kuhn
The Reverend Timothy C. Canniff-Kuhn

Rostered ministers (pastors and deacons) celebrating 50 years in the gospel ministry are:

The Reverend Gene C. Bost
The Reverend Michael W. Frye
The Reverend Ronald W. Fink
The Reverend Royall A. Yount, Jr.
The Reverend Woodrow F. Frick

Rostered ministers (pastors and deacons) celebrating 60 years in the gospel ministry are:

The Reverend Claude V. Deal, Jr.
The Reverend Donald R. Poole, Jr.
The Reverend Henry J. Boschen
The Reverend Robert W. Matthias

To hear the list of pastors celebrating 60+ years, please watch the recorded video.

This year, significant congregational anniversaries are:

Saint Peter, Southport – 50 years
Grace, Boone – 100 years
St. Mark’s, Asheville – 100 years
Ascension, Shelby – 100 years
Trinity, Rocky Mount – 100 years
Daniels, Lincolnton – 250 years

And, the rest of the congregations over 200 years old celebrating non-milestone anniversaries:
Salem, Lincolnton – 227 years
Zion, Hickory – 233 years
Beck’s, Lexington – 236 years
St. Luke’s, Lexington – 236 years
St. Mark’s, Cherryville – 237 years
Emmanuel, Lincolnton – 238 years
Cold Water, Concord – 241 years
Lutheran Chapel, China Grove – 243 years
Shiloh, Lewisville – 245 years
Morning Star, Matthews – 248 years
Daniels, Lincolnton – 250 years
Lows, Liberty – 252 years
St. Paul’s, Burlington – 253 years
Philadelphia, Dallas – 256 years
Old St. Paul’s, Newton – 268 years
Pilgrim, Lexington – 269 years
St. John’s, Salisbury – 276 years
Friedens, Gibsonville – 278 years
St. John’s, Concord – 278 years

What an amazing legacy of ministry!



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