Bishop Smith announces new synod vision

June 5, 2018 | ,

Bishop Smith announces new synod vision

On Saturday afternoon, the bishop announced a new synod vision to the assembly. The vision is the result of intentional work by synod staff in conversation with Synod Council to focus and guide the work of the synod for the months to come. Vital Congregations tops the list.

“We intentionally put vital congregations first,” says the bishop, though it certainly goes hand-in-hand with the second: Whole & Healthy Leaders. If a leader isn’t whole and healthy, the congregation won’t be healthy for long.

Collaboration means that we will be very intentional about working together with our churchwide expression, other denominations, and we’re hoping to do more and more of collaborative ministry. “Where are the places where we’re stronger together?” That’s where we need to be giving our time with collaboration.

And, Prophetic Voice is in part what we know from the biblical prophets: to proclaim. Says Bishop Smith, “We’re proclaiming the witness of Jesus which is not that you get what you deserve but that each has what he/she needs … We’ve got to continue to bring all voices to the table.”

The synod staff is committed to this new vision and they look forward to being in conversation with folks across the synod about it. Everyone was asked to pick up a poster of the new synod vision to share in their congregation and assembly handouts included flyers and booklets exploring the vision.

Watch Bishop Smith’s report on the vision on our YouTube channel.


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