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June 6, 2022 |

Kristen Mouritsen leads a learning opportunity on the Camino de Santiago.
Photo credit: Katherine Nagy

Unique to this first-time event, each of the three days of Synod Gathering included two and a half hours each day to attend your choice of workshops and interactive discussions around an array of compelling topics. Some filled the entire time for intensive learning; others allowed for a 60-minute overview of topics.

Topics ranged from Walking the Camino de Santiago with Pastor John and Kristen Mouritsen sharing their experience of being pilgrims in the 21st century and how it can change your journey through life, to End-of-Life Doulas—Supporting Pastoral and Congregational Ministries to the Dying with Pastor Peter Brown explaining the ministry of an end-of-life doula as they walk as a companion, step-by-step, with the dying.

Twenty-seven choices were available over the course of three days; several were repeated each day. We learned to laugh, plan, and welcome the stranger. We learned about a new hymnal, centering prayer, and about bridging a racial divide.

See the complete list of learning opportunities.


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