Abundant Celebrations

Thanks be to God for all of the faithful years of congregational ministry and Gospel Ministry in the NC Synod.

June 6, 2022 |

Pastor Mary Louise Sitton joyfully announces, “I’m retired!” as Bishop Tim and Pastor Kirsten Wee look on. (Pastor Sara Ilderton photobombing.)
Photo credit: Katherine Nagy

On Friday morning, Vice President Diana Haywood addressed the Gathering participants:

Each year we celebrate with congregations and rostered ministers with significant anniversaries. I’m going to start with the congregations and if your congregation is named, please feel free to stand.
Celebrating 25 years: Amazing Grace, Waxhaw
Celebrating 50 years: Prince of Peace, Greensboro
Celebrating 100 years: St. Mark’s, Lenoir, and St. Paul’s, Durham
Celebrating 125 years: St. Paul’s, Dallas
Celebrating 135 years: St. Mark’s, Claremont
Celebrating 200 years: Trinity, Vale
Celebrating 275 years: St. John’s, Salisbury
Others beyond 225 years: Salem, Lincolnton (226); Zion, Hickory (232); Beck’s, Lexington (235); St. Luke’s, Lexington (235); St. Mark’s, Cherryville (236); Emmanuel, Lincolnton (237); Cold Water, Concord (240); Lutheran Chapel, China Grove (242); Shiloh, Lewisville (244); Morning Star, Matthews (247); Daniels, Lincolnton (249); Low’s, Liberty (251); St. Paul’s, Burlington (252); Philadelphia, Dallas (255); Old St. Paul’s, Newton (267); Pilgrim, Lexington (268); Friedens, Gibsonville (277); St. John’s, Concord (277).

Bishop Tim Smith then took the stage and recognized the rostered ministers—pastors and deacons—celebrating a significant number of years of gospel ministry:

Pastors Celebrating 25 Years of Gospel Ministry: Christopher Webb, Deborah Frye, Diane Deitz, Jacqueline Ahern, James Fore; Linda Voelker, William Linn Fisher, Michael Comer, Michael
Ward, Timothy Poston
Pastors Celebrating 35 Years of Gospel Ministry: Ed Crotty, Frank Waugh, Joanna Stallings, Ken Schmidt, Marguerite Rourke, Scott Suskovic
Deacon Celebrating 35 Years of Gospel Ministry: Eileen McClain
Pastors Celebrating 50 Years of Gospel Ministry: Bill Mims, Leonard Bolick, Michael Megahan, Paul Cooper, Richard Lischer, Ronald Rinn
Pastors Celebrating 60 Years of Gospel Ministry: Carroll Robinson, Edgar Trexler, Harwood Smith
Pastors Celebrating 65 Years of Gospel Ministry: Clarence Derrick, Jr.
Pastors Celebrating beyond 50 Years of Gospel Ministry:
51 Years:
David Kilde, Marcus Miller, Peter Hoyer, Richard Handschin, Robert Young, William Jeffcoat
52 Years: Carl Sachtleben, David Hinkleman, David Franzen, Richard Little, Geoffrey Hoy, James Updegraff, John Boyd, Jr., Paul Kanupp, Robert “Buzz” VanHorne, Raymond Hollifield
53 Years: Don Safrit, George Simmons, Gilmer Miller, John Beeg, John Nagle, Kay Overcash, Tom Ridenhour, Tommy Beaver, Ted Edwards, Robert Walker
54 Years: William Batterman, Clyde Christmas, Charles Duncan, John Harder, Bernie Hess, Michael Hoffman
55 Years: Craig Bartholomew, Matthew Ernst, Ralph Heller, Alfred Mullins, Richard Roth, David Swygert, Michael Wendt
56 Years: Gary Logan, Robert Allen, David Huddle, John Pfisterer
57 Years: Richard Graf, William Hollar
58 Years: Henry McKay, Milbert Kurtz, Ed Harper, David Keck, John Merck, John Weinbach, Kenneth Tonnesen, Malcolm Lerch
59 Years: Donald Poole, Claude Deal, Harwood Smith
61 Years: Lonnie Karriker, Charles Huggins
62 Years: Curtis Paul, Boyce Whitener, Sr., Carl McKenzie, David Nelson, Robert Weeks, William Seibert
63 Years: Charlie McManus, Henry Rendleman, Donald Deal, Douglas Johnson, James Harbinson
64 Years: Terry Agner, Ernest Bolick, John Bollinger, Carl Fisher, James Haney, Charlie Hoyle, Gunnard Johnson, Ralph Spear
66 Years: Ted Goins, Sr., Theodore Thuesen
72 Years: Glenn Reichley

The following pastors have retired during the past year: Dale Pederson, Joanna Stallings, Robert Mitschke, William Milholland, Jr., Michael Bostian, Carolyn Remaklus, Mark Ericson, Timothy Martin, Cindy Coleman, Gary Haddock, Greg Williams
The following deacon has retired during the past year: Mark Glaeser, Tammy Jones West

Last but not least, we welcome the following rostered ministers who are new to the synod this year—and present at Synod Gathering to be called forward: Terri Landers (St. Stephen’s, Hickory), Bonnie Klos (CPE residency, Winston-Salem), Mary Louise Sitton (retired), Kirsten Wee (Holy Trinity, Raleigh & Raleigh Lutheran Campus Ministry)

Thanks be to God for all of the congregational ministry and Gospel Ministry recognized. To God be the glory!



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