Holy Trinity Helps with Neighborhood Project

Members of Holy Trinity helped distribute door hangers for the community service project, "Midwood Gives Back."

Image credit: Holy Trinity, Charlotte

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Charlotte, is located in a residential neighborhood with a strong neighborhood association. Several years ago, the neighborhood created bike lanes on the street in front of the church and installed a bike lane mural in front of the sanctuary to honor the church’s mission of “Loving Not Judging.”

So this year, when God’s work. Our hands. Sunday approached, the congregation sought to help the neighborhood with a project.

Every fall, the neighborhood association sponsors a community service project called “Midwood Gives Back” that involves a fundraising drive to support a local food pantry. They spread the word through the use of door hangers placed on front doors throughout the neighborhood. For God’s work. Our hands. Sunday, members of Holy Trinity helped distribute these door hangers, and only a few days after, the neighborhood association had already begun to receive donations.
The congregation feels blessed to be in the neighborhood and hopes the neighborhood feels blessed by the congregation.

Holy Trinity also assembled baby kits for Lutheran World Relief. These kits contain essential items for new babies and will be distributed around the globe to those who need them.


Pastor Emily Hartner

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