ATTITUDE IMPACTS OUTCOME: Moving Beyond COVID-19 Fears to Greater Faith & Congregational Vitality


Workshop Facilitated by The Rev. Jeff Linman

The events of 2020 have stirred fear throughout the world and within the church. Prior to the pandemic, 80-90% of congregations in the United States were plateaued or declining. Many were worried about their future. It’s too soon to know what impact the pandemic will have on the church. Some congregations may be revitalized. Others may be demoralized. Two things are certain: 1. Change is coming and congregational life will look different. 2. The attitude of congregational leaders and members will impact their future. Moving beyond fear and anxiety is an essential first step in our journey forward. This workshop offers a simple process to help congregations move from fear to faith and from despair to hope as they re-gather by sharing their fears and focusing on God’s abundance rather than their limitations. The result: greater congregational vitality!

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