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Vital congregations radiate a certain kind of vibrancy, a friendly welcoming manner, and God’s tangible presence. Members have a sense of purpose, they support one another by nurturing each other’s faith, and they identify their spiritual gifts to be used in the congregation and the world.

The synod’s Congregational Vitality Team members are committed to helping congregations by offering various resources. Explore them on this page.

Renewal Process

A member of the team will work with your congregation to assess readiness for renewal and will walk alongside your congregation while renewal is taking place.

Bold Like Jesus conference

This annual event is for all congregations for inspiration and learning about being bold disciples for Jesus.


Coaching is partnering with a person or team to help them discover what God wants them to do and then succeed in doing it. The coach does not tell the person or team what to do, but helps them discover it for themselves. For information about becoming a coach or receiving coaching, contact Pastor Charlie Zimmerman.

Congregational Best Practices

See a list of ministries happening in vital congregations. Might one of these be right for your congregation?

Best Practices

Congregational Vitality Project

The Congregational Vitality Project helps congregations understand what vitality means, how vital the ELCA is now, how vitality can be cultivated, and how the ELCA can foster cultivation. Congregations may sign up for an online survey and view their own vitality profile.

Small Congregation workshops

These workshops are occasionally-scheduled as resources to small congregations. Stay tuned here for dates/times of upcoming workshops.

Vital congregations connect with God, each other, and the world!

Small Congregations Workshop

December 6th, 2017|

Small Congregation Workshops are scheduled periodically for clusters of smaller congregations that might be searching for a new sense of hope in a changing community. To date over 120 lay and rostered leaders from over 60 congregations have participated. Their purpose is to build relationships with other small congregations and to talk about possibilities for future ministries. The theme of the workshop is building a transition from a sense of scarcity to abundance, from disparity to hope, and from maintenance to mission.

Contact the Congregational Vitality Team chairperson, John Coffey, to learn more.

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