We’re back for phase 2!

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We’re back for phase 2!

Program Director, Pastor John Mocko, and Program Assistant, Caroline Mocko, are excited to share some good news, “We are excited to share that Phase 2 of Faith+Finances+Freedom/The Lifeline Fund has begun!” Lily Endowment, Inc. approved a scaling grant which includes sharing the grant amount of $500,000 with four other synods in Region 9: Virginia, South Carolina, Southeastern, and Caribbean. In this phase, two components will be continued: education debt relief and congregational stewardship programs. Additional details—including the application form—will be ready soon.

Faith+Finances+Freedom basics

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“Faith +Finances + Freedom” is inspired by the Lilly Endowment 2016 National Initiative Addressing Economic Challenges Facing Pastoral Leaders. We conducted four different surveys within the NC Synod with 593 responses from rostered leaders and their spouses, congregation financial secretaries/treasurers and our retirement services provider, Portico. Our research revealed high debt loads, low savings, and poor financial literacy, complicated by the decreased capacity of some congregations to provide adequate compensation for rostered leaders.