Our Father, Greensboro, cares for first responders

At Our Father, Greensboro, one of our primary gifts is hospitality so we focused “God’s work. Our hands.” Day on appreciating all the First Responders in our local community and Guilford County.

This year, we also included our KinderNest Preschool teachers and the teachers from Sedgefield Elementary School, since teachers are “First Responders” in the classroom. All first responders included fire fighters, police, sheriffs, NC Highway Patrol, EMT/EMS, K-9 Units, crime scene personnel, and the 911 Call Center. Over 50 first responders were able to attend and enjoyed a fine lunch and fellowship with those from our congregation, to-go boxes to take with them if called away, and thank you cards prepared by our youth. The youth also baked most of the desserts!

The 911 Call Center personnel are not allowed to leave, so we prepared take out boxes for them. We later learned they were short staffed, so that consideration was especially appreciated.

Most importantly, church members were able to chat with and share in the fellowship with the first responders and personally thank them for their service. Too often we neglect to remember that these folks are the very people who are willing to lay down their lives in order to save one of us every day: 24/7, 365 days a year. Isn’t that what Jesus would do? This day also gave us the opportunity to reflect on ‘what is ministry?’ and how these jobs are a strong ministry that provides compassion, care and protection for all of us, our families and our communities at large.

Part of the day was also helping to introduce Our Father, Greensboro, to the larger community. Fox8 TV did a great piece about the luncheon so thousands of people learned about Lutheran hospitality! Sometimes we forget that some of “God’s work” we do with “Our hands” is appreciating others with a hug, a handshake, a thank you for your service, and a Ziplock baggie of homemade brownies or homemade cookies for an afternoon snack.

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