Morning Star, Matthews, has hands to serve

Calloused hands, smooth hands, wrinkled hands, tiny toddler hands all came together at Morning Star, Matthews, for “God’s work. Our hands.” weekend.

During our time together, these hands became:

Compassionate hands as notes of encouragement and treats were shared with local school teachers
Caring hands as snacks for hungry children and school kits for students across the world were packed
Messy, gloved hands as trash was cleared from a neighborhood street
Colorful hands as thank you cards were created for our nearby first responders
Tarnished hands as our handbells were polished
Prayerful hands as we illustrated our prayers on a prayer flag
Sticky hands as chocolate chip cookies were baked for KAIROS prison ministry
Creative hands as our lives connected through Christ were visually woven together through art
Tired hands as fleece strips knotted together became warm blankets for our homeless neighbors

Together, the love of Christ was shared with our local and global neighbors and through our uniquely created and gifted hands, our faith community was strengthened, our hearts were touched by the Holy Spirit and God’s work continues!

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