Good Shepherd, Mt. Holly, installs smoke detectors and gets creative

On “God’s work. Our hands.” Sunday, the members of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Mt. Holly, worked on three different service projects that impacted our local town. The first was working with the Red Cross through their Sound The Alarm program which installs smoke detectors to those who don’t have them and need them. During the afternoon hours, we knocked on 68 doors and installed 23 detectors in 15 homes. We were accompanied by the Mt. Holly Fire Department, who made sure folks also had detectors that worked.

As for the other two projects, they were done in-house. We took some time and filled backpacks for foster kids in our area. They were filled with all kinds of supplies that every kid needs at school. We filled over 15 backpacks and we know they were a blessing to those who received them. Finally, we created two crafts that were delivered to the shut-ins of our church. The youth painted cool cross paintings while other members created cool door wreaths made up of pages that contained words of some of our favorite hymns…we did not destroy any hymnals in this process. These crafts put a smile on the faces of all to whom they were delivered.

It was a great day as we reached out to the town of Mt. Holly and other members of Good Shepherd.

Story shared by Jeff Taylor.