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map of NC Synod noting conferences, divided into clusters

Our synod is divided into 16 geographical regions or conferences. Each congregation is therefore a member of a conference. Each spring, conferences meet to discuss issues before the coming annual assembly and for worship and fellowship. Conferences may also call other meetings, training or fellowship events.

The dean, a pastor elected from within the conference, is the administrative officer of the conference and is an extension of the Office of the Bishop. The dean facilitates communication between the congregations in the conference and between the conference and the bishop. Deans usually install new pastors to congregations within the conference.

Blue Ridge MtnThe Rev. Ann
Cabarrus/StanlyThe Rev. John
CatawbaThe Rev. Gregory
Coastal PlainsThe Rev. Alice Johnson
GastonThe Rev. Jonathan
Mecklenburg/UnionThe Rev. Jennifer
Northern PiedmontThe Rev. Richard
RowanThe Rev. William
SalemThe Rev. John
Sandhills/So PiedmontThe Rev. John
Silver Valley (previously NW)The Rev. Matthew
Smoky MtnThe Rev. Rosemary
South CoastalThe Rev. William Milholland,
SouthwesternThe Rev. Michael
TriangleThe Rev. Scott
West CentralThe Rev. Andrew
Synod LiaisonThe Rev. Philip


  • Coastal Plains
  • Sandhill/S Piedmont
  • South Coastal
  • Triangle
  • Cabarrus
  • Gaston
  • Mecklenburg/Union
  • Northern Piedmont
  • Rowan
  • Salem
  • Silver Valley
  • West Central
  • Blue Ridge Mtn
  • Catawba
  • Smoky Mtn
  • Southwestern