Reading 3—Glory Everywhere

This Psalm celebrates our creator God who fashioned the universe from the stars above to the earth below, who exalted humanity over and above every other creature. Acknowledging the beauty and wonder of all God has made, the psalmist shares an important truth about “glory”: God who has set His glory above the heavens has crowned us, His children, with glory and honor. As great as the heavens are, humanity is greater. Not only has God made us, He reveals his glory to us. We are loved. We are cared for. We matter to him.

In the Lord’s Prayer we affirm that “Thine is the glory,” but wonder of wonders, God’s glory is a glory that He shares with us. Someone has stated that from the eternal side of life, this is how we will pray the Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father, how good it is to be here with you in heaven. Your name is so special. Your kingdom has come, your will is finally done by all of us everywhere. You give us each day our spiritual strength. We no longer sin against you or one another. We know no sickness, no evil, no death. Your kingdom has become our kingdom, your power our power, your glory our glory; forever and ever, it is so.”

“Glory” is wherever God is: in time and eternity, on earth and in heaven, in life and death and the life that knows no end, right here and right now.

To Consider

  • How can I reflect the glory of the Lord in my daily life?

Glorious God, may I glimpse your glory and majesty in the events and people of today. And may they glimpse your glory in me. Amen

The Rev. Joseph A. Miller has served congregations in Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota and North Carolina. He likes to travel, play the accordion, and collect U.S. commemorative stamps. He and his wife, Marcia, have two sons and two granddaughters.