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  • Stewardship for all Seasons

Many congregations in our synod have already participated in a program called Stewardship for All Seasons (SAS) led by the Rev. Mike Ward. Results have been very robust both in terms of new giving as well as transitioning culture from scarcity to abundance. Might you consider this for your congregation? Congregations that participate in SAS have seen on average at least a 15% increase in pledges over the previous year.

While the cost of the program is $3,550 (which includes manuals, graphic design, and consultant), the synod provides a $1,000 grant to each congregation through the generosity of the synod’s Lifeline Fund, bringing the cost down to $2,550.

The next cohort will begin May, 2019.

Would you like to learn more?

Pastor Mike Ward and our Director for Evangelical Mission (DEM), the Rev. Danielle DeNise, will be offering a webinar orientation about SAS in early Spring. Watch this page and synod communications for the details.

Mission Support Stories

“God is in the room”

Almost five hundred middle and high school students gather in a ballroom in Greensboro on a weekend in February. Some are laughing and chatting with their friends from church, some are anxiously waiting to see what this is all about, some are greeting old and new friends across the room, and some are hanging out in the hallways. And then the music starts…it might be a familiar camp song with a slightly different sound thanks to a full band. Maybe it’s Head to the Heart”, “Old Church Choir”, or the perennial favorite, “My Lighthouse” that’s been popular with Lutheran Youth Organization (LYO) participants for many years. No matter the song, when the synod youth band begins to play the energy in the room shifts; the Holy Spirit is present! (more…)