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Campus Ministry in the NC Synod is strong and varied. It’s been said, “When you’ve seen one campus ministry, you’ve seen one campus ministry.” That is certainly true in our synod! Each of the 12 campus ministries is unique in its context and structure. Some are connected to a congregation that is very close to campus: NC State, East Carolina, UNC Chapel Hill, NC Central, Duke, and Appalachian State. Others may be connected to a congregation that is several miles from the campus but there is dedicated space on campus for the ministry: Western Carolina, Wake Forest, and UNC Pembroke. Others are ecumenical and receive support from several congregations: Elon, UNC Charlotte, and UNC Greensboro.

Read stories of campus ministry in the post below.

Campus ministry going strong

By the Rev. Phil Tonnesen, Assistant to the Bishop, NC Synod

As I travel around our synod and across the ELCA I’m often asked why the NC Synod is always at the top of the list in terms of the number of people in the candidacy process preparing for full-time rostered ministry. My answer is simple: because of our camping and conference ministries (Agapé+Kure Beach and Novus Way) and our 12 active campus ministries. Ask any of our candidates where their sense of call was formed and nurtured, and inevitably the response will be, “Well, I served on summer staff at Agapé or Lutherock,” or “I moved to Chapel Hill to begin my studies at UNC and I received a personal invitation from an upperclassmen to come to a Wednesday night gathering at Holy Trinity.” I use the example of Chapel Hill, but you can fill in the blank with any of our campus ministries. They are all inviting and welcoming places for young adults who are experiencing major transition in their lives.

You are a key piece of this strong ministry. It is important to connect new students to the folks leading young people across these campuses. Share the names of new college students from your congregation using the form on this page.  Enter the person’s name, your congregation’s name and the college they will attend; a message will be sent to the campus minister at that institution. A personal welcome is so appreciated. Continue to care for your congregation’s young people by connecting them to the campus ministry of their university.

Finally, hear from some students just how important their campus ministry connection is to them.

“When I graduated high school, I didn’t think I would find another community like my high school youth group. Campus ministry is just what I was looking for—a tight knit community bonded in Christ. I’ve found wonderful friends and support and I feel like I can continue my walk with Jesus a lot easier with this ministry in my life.”
Megan Cassimatis, sophomore, Meredith College
“College, for me, is the first time in my life I have been able to redefine and reexamine who I am and the world around me. The context that LEAF provides for me to do that is not just unwaveringly motivating and uplifting, it frames my relationships and experiences these four short years to better prepare me for the world ahead.”
Asher Thompson, junior, active in LEAF, Elon College

Litany for Sending College Students
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