St.Matthew hallway damage.

Hurricane Florence Recovery – St. Matthew, Wilmington

In late October 2018, five weeks after Hurricane Florence, Deacon GeoRene Jones, synod liaison for Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR), hosted LDR’s U.S. Program Director, Pastor Mike Stadie, as they met with some of our Coastal congregations to listen and see the damage after the storm.

Thankfully, the fairly-new roof over the sanctuary held fast. Offices, the preschool, and choir rooms all were damaged when the educational building’s flat roof succumbed to the storm. Even while tear-out, mold remediation, and repairs were going on, St. Matthew hosted emergency response crews, and a National Guard nursing unit serving in emergency evacuation shelters. The day of the LDR visit, some Women of the ELCA continued their work on Lutheran World Relief quilts.