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Dare to Lead Begins


September 6
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In a promotional Image for Dare to Lead Course, a group of adults gather around a conference table.



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From a young age, we receive pretty consistent messaging about how to successfully navigate life: go with the flow, avoid making waves, don’t rock the boat. These words have the potential for real disaster when they become your identity. They can lead to being indecisive and conflict-avoidant. If you’re a leader, you may be frustrated or fatigued. Perhaps you’re stuck with a lifetime of going through the motions. Not if we can help it! Faith+Lead is hosting a course called Dare to Lead for congregation leaders based on the research and teaching of Dr. Brené Brown. Over six sessions beginning September 6, facilitator Sarah Ciavarri will help you learn what authentic leadership looks like, what it’s not, and how to build the courage to live out your values in all aspects of your life and ministry.

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