2019 Pre-Assembly Event: Sacred Shifts

>2019 Pre-Assembly Event: Sacred Shifts
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Sacred Shifts
Pre-Assembly Event

May 30
9am – 4pm
$50 includes lunch

7 hours of continuing education

Morning Session: Sacred Shifts – learning together
Explore sacred shifts. Leaders are discovering to create life-giving space within the congregation and the neighborhood. This seminar is for leaders who want to focus their strategic energy and resources for adaptive change. Shifts begin with:

  • The search for the sacred in and beyond our buildings.
  • The hunger for the sacred in deeper faith and generous spirituality.
  • The courage to claim the sacred with new metrics, new questions and new systems.
  • The work of sacred invitation for authentic hospitality.

Afternoon Session: Sacred Shifts – working together
The concepts are not good enough. Everything happens in implementation. In the last six years, LEAD has learned what is working to lead change in congregations across the country There are stories and wisdom from congregations working these pivots resulting in vibrant, thoughtful discipleship as new metrics and behaviors encourage experimenting. This time is for you to wonder about the sacred at your place – and how you can, with the Holy Spirit, lead change for the future.

The other afternoon session of Pre-Assembly is a Social Justice and Advocacy event on Affordable Housing. Sign up for that session below!

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