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  • After gathering your information, we will connect you to a coach that fits you
  • You determine the agenda, set your goals, and lead the conversation
  • Your coach commits to confidentiality and walks with you in a true partnership
  • We agree coaching is not mentoring, counseling, therapy, consulting, or spiritual direction


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NC Synod Coaches

Brad Alexander
Brad AlexanderLay Leader at Redeemer, Gastonia
I hope to help people by asking questions that may bring out the answers to their question. By doing this, I pray that they may excel in the area that they may want to talk about and help them towards their goal, whatever it may be. I actively serve in my home congregation as well as the greater church body – member on Church Council, Secretary for the NC LMM Executive Board, among other things.
Timothy Brown
Timothy BrownMajor Gifts Officer at Lutheran Theological Seminary-Chicago
Coaching has helped me develop the muscle of deep listening and issue tackling, and as a coach I’m grateful I get to pass these things on to others. I love helping people listen deeply to themselves, identifying the stuck places and working it out with them. I am in coaching because it works. Simple as that. It has been the single best tool at helping me shape my life and vocation.
Keith Copeland
Keith CopelandTransitional Senior Pastor at Christ the King, Miami, FL
In the past 26 years, I have served congregations and leaders as they engage times of transition. I am currently serving a congregation in FL, but call NC home. It would be an honor to journey alongside anyone seeking to move from where they are, toward who and what God is calling them to become. Coaching is a wonderful way to walk with people seeking to discover God’s voice and direction.
Meg Fielding
Meg FieldingRetired at St. Mark's, Charlotte
I’ve been active in the ELCA on a local and synodical level for over 25 years. When I retired and moved to Charlotte, I discovered coaching. I’m excited to take this next step and walk with others as they discern their path to their personal goals and ministry. I feel called to be in relationship with people looking to discover new pathways and to walk with them as they discern those new opportunities.
David Fox
David FoxPastor at Daniels, Lincolnton
I attended Western Carolina Univ. in 2007 and Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary in 2011, Ordained in June of 2011. I’ve served congregations in both ND and NC. Began coaching in November, 2017. I am certified as a Level I coach and Level II (discipleship). The gift I bring to each coaching session is my ability to truly listen and I want others to be the best that can possibly be.
Barbara Huffman de Belon
Barbara Huffman de BelonRetired at St. Andrew, New Bern
I am excited to add ELCA Coaching to my skill set and look forward to working with those that have an interest in seeing what a personal coach can do for them. I firmly believe that change must come from within a person, but coaches can help them identify actions needed, next steps, alternatives to get to their desired outcome. My drive is just to help people.
Ann Kelly
Ann KellyPastor at Trinity, Sanford
My diverse life experience helps me relate to a variety of circumstances. I love the deep listening that is essential to coaching. That listening leads to powerful questions that help the person being coached find the answers which already lie within them. It is a privilege to walk with someone working to make changes in their life and ministry that will help them live into the future God intends for them. I am certified as an ELCA Level 2 coach.
Heidi Kleine
Heidi KleineDirector of Faith Formation at Christ the King, Cary
My experience growing up as the child of a pastor and working in ministry for the last decade while caring for a busy family of six gives me a unique perspective to work with individuals seeking to find balance in life and ministry. Coaching has provided me a venue to lead others to insight and direction in their lives, clarifying their values and focusing their priorities to more clearly reflect them.
Scott Suskovic
Scott SuskovicPastor at Christ, Charlotte
For many leaders, it is not a theological crisis, but rather the organization principles and skills that must be address in order to return to their passion and love of Jesus. A coach is a fellow traveler in ministry, asking questions and providing follow up to the vision of ministry that is locked inside you. I welcome the chance to help you unlock that vision in order to figure out life so that you can return once again to that passion and love of Jesus.
Greg Williams
Greg WilliamsPastor at Grace, Hendersonville
I have been married to Brenda for 35+ years. We have two adult children who both work in careers rooted in their faith. I embarked on coaching certification to improve my skills in leading a ministry team. As I have benefitted from coaching, my interest in it has grown. I want to share in cultivating strong, healthy leaders and supporting them in moving visions to reality for themselves and their context.
Charlie Zimmerman
Charlie ZimmermanPastor (Retired), NC Synod Coaching Coordinator
I coach because it helps people grow and change! Coaching empowers us to become the person God has created us to be and live out our purpose. It enables us to get unstuck and move forward as we discover the answers for what we need lie within us. I’ve been coaching for over 10 years, and am certified by the ICF and the ELCA.