Synod Council

The NC Synod Council is the board of directors of the synod and serves as its interim legislative authority between meetings of the synod assembly. Its members are elected for three-year terms by the voting members during the annual assembly. The bishop serves as president of the Synod Council. The other officers are elected at assembly.

Synod Council Members
The Rev. Christina Louise Auch
Mr. Omar Bell
Mr. David Black
Ms. Terri Blake
The Rev. Scott H. Bollinger
The Rev. David Thomas Drysdale II
Ms. Elizabeth (Liz) Fisher
Mr. John B. Fleming
The Rev. Michael Wayne Frye
The Rev. Jennifer Moreland Ginn
Cheryl Goins
Mr. Hunter G. Haith
Ms. Susan P. Harris
The Rev. Emily Kuhn Hartner
Ms. Diana G. Haywood
Mr. Warren Keyes
Mrs. Cheryl Lynn Rudisill (Cherie) Little
The Rev. John Philip Locke
Mrs. Debbra Sisk (Debbie) Martin
Ms. Rachel Nichols
The Rev. Alfredo Oviedo
Mr. Fred Park
Mr. Doug Ramsey
Mrs. Susan Fink Shell
Mrs. Beth Kirk Shoffner
The Rev. Dr. Timothy Marcus (Tim) Smith
The Rev. Christopher D. (Chris) Webb
Ms. Laurie Wegner

Recent meeting summaries

June 2018

September 2018

2019 meeting dates and locations

Mar. 22-13 Synod office, Salisbury
May 31-Jun 01 Assembly, Greensboro
Sep. 20-21  Camp Caraway, Asheboro
Dec. 6-7  Synod office, Salisbury