The NC Synod Council is the board of directors of the synod and serves as its interim legislative authority between meetings of the synod assembly. Its members are elected for three-year terms by the voting members during synod assembly. The bishop serves as president of the Synod Council. The other officers are elected at assembly.

Ansel, Ms. Audrey
Arndt, Mr. Robert
Bell, Mr. Omar
Fisher, Deacon Elizabeth (Liz)
Fleming, Mr. John
Frye, The Rev. Michael
Ginn, The Rev. Jennifer
Haith, Mr. Hunter
Harris, Ms. Susan
Keck, The Rev. Daniel (Dan)
Little, Mrs. Cheryl (Cherie)
Luhrs, Mr. Ryan
McIntosh Overcash, The Rev. Cassandra (Cassie)
Nelson, Mrs. Jill
Oviedo, The Rev. Alfredo
Park, Mr. Fred
Phillips, Mr. Paul
Shimota (Krushas), The Rev. Jennifer
Smith, The Rev. Dr. Timothy (Tim)

Bulletin of Reports

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Meeting dates and locations

Sep. 10-12Synod retreat
Dec. 4-5Synod office
Mar. 12/13
Synod office
Jun. 3-5
Synod Assembly
Koury Ctr., Greensboro[Bishop Election]